Welcome to Bend Dance Project

Welcome to Bend Dance Project

In 1998 when I moved to Bend, Oregon, originally from the San Francisco Bay area, I discovered a small, yet wonderfully vibrant dance community.   The Terpsichorean Dance Studio was my dance refuge in those days; the first dance class I took was from Gail Bartley, who is now the newly elected Board President for the Bend Dance Project.

At that time, there were not very many Adult Dance Class options so I started to teach.  I taught adult Jazz Dance and Musical Theater, bringing my bigger city dance styles infused with the styles of Broadway, Bob Fosse, & Classic Jazz Dance to our down home community.  My dance classes grew, my friendships grew, and out of those very first classes, The Jazz Dance Collective was born.  In 2005, the Jazz Dance Collective became the first non-profit professional dance company in Bend, and from that grew the Bend Dance Project.

Over the years, the Central Oregon dance community has grown and prospered as we noticed more dance studios opened , more styles of dance classes taught,  new dance fitness classes offered,  and we noticed an increased caliber and number of dance/musical productions presented at theater venues throughout.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Central Oregon community for continuing to embrace and support our growing dance community.  For every dance performance that you attend, dance related donation that you make, or dance fitness class that you participate in, you make a significant contribution, ensuring that our dance community stays alive and “hopping” all over Central Oregon.

Holly Cambern, Founder / Board of Directors